Fulkerson Park exists because of the gospel. The gospel is the power that creates church community. But one reason the community exists is because its goal is to proclaim the gospel. That’s why we’re called to be a missional community. Here are three ways we’re missional.

We support missionaries – some of them are overseas, some of them are in the US. We support them in prayer, and we support them financially. But we don’t want to promote a view of the missionary that’s unbiblical. Our commitment is to the biblical idea of a missionary – and according to the Bible, every Christian is called to be on mission. The gospel calls us all in and sends us all out with a message of hope to proclaim and a life of hope to live. So, whether you’ve been a Christian for 5 months or 50 years, you are called to live a missional life.

Community Outreach
The gospel doesn’t just save individuals, it renews this world. The gospel brings hope and healing to dark places, and we reach out individually and through other agencies. We work with the homeless, with underprivileged youth, with schools, at nursing homes, and in jails. And we’re not content with that. We want to take the gospel farther and further into our community than it is now.

Being a Christian is hard. Most people weren’t raised in Christian homes, but even if you were, it’s hard to believe what Christianity says. Sometimes it’s hard because it seems counterintuitive. Sometimes it’s hard because the gospel is a dazzling, demanding proclamation. And talking to others about it can be both scary and difficult. We know that. We understand that. So we’re committed to training and equipping people to learn how to talk about the gospel. It’s scary, but doable.